Project Description

First Tree by Sandra Wirfel

The pandemic found me feeling my mortality.  My mother was sick and not getting better, while my new grandson, Atlas, was thriving.  I was feeling my age and my health had me worried.  I threw myself into my art.

Art changed everything.  My mother and I began a daily painting marathon; my daughter Robin introduced her 6-month old Atlas to painting by smooshing paint onto a canvas; another two daughters started painting; my son created backdrops for celebrations.  My husband continued to support the paint obsession while ignoring paint on every surface.  Suddenly, the joy of myself and everyone painting filled my heart.  Despite lockdown and artistic opportunities being lost, the only thing that mattered was the here and now of taking life one day at a time. That’s all any of us can do.

The small picture is title “First Tree”.  It is the background created by Atlas. I added the tree.

Small – Not for Sale