Hall of Trees

Hall of Trees

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Hall of Trees Christmas Event at Gallery on Gazebo

We are pleased to present Gallery on Gazebo’s First Ever Hall of Trees, a beautiful and unique collection of one dozen holiday trees decorated by local artists and area businesses.

Celestial Brides Holiday Tree

Celestial Brides – “Madame Christmas”  Our lovely bride holds court in the Gallery with all the finery of the Season.

JWF Holiday Tree

Johnstown Welding and Fabrication Industries – “Shades of Blue and Gold” Holiday tree is in loving memory of Jeff Conjelko. JWF sends their colors and prayer thoughts to the family and friends.

Concentrix Holiday Tree

Concentrix – “Different by Design”  Concentrix proudly displays their culture of service to their clients and staff.

Macaroni Kid Holiday Tree

Macaroni Kid “Family Fun Time”  Julie Follansbee donated this magical tree to the highest bidder!

Salvatore’s Holiday Tree

Salvatore’s “Going in Style”  The Panebiano’s pulled together a beautiful lady- a signature of their trade.

Cambria County Library Holiday Tree-

Cambria County Library “ Classic Christmas Stories”  A celebration of bright colors combine with treasured Holiday classic stories.

Homespun Peddler Holiday Tree

Homespun Peddler “Branches of Christmas”  A Thank you and Salute to our men and women in uniform, past present and future by Mindy Burris.

Cricket Wireless Holiday Tree

Cricket Wireless “Yellow & Green Shout-Out”  A blaze of yellow and green to Cricket’s wireless products and extraordinary service.

Garden Club of Johnstown Holiday Tree

The Garden Club of Johnstown “Nature”  A beautiful reminder of the endless magic and wonder found in nature.

Westwood Floral Holiday Tree

Westwood Floral “Rebirth”  Designed by Mark Ed, the opulent flowers are the backdrop for butterflies who return with the memories of lost ones.

Sandy Wirfel Holiday Tree

Sandy Wirfel “The Poet as Artist”  A poet all her life, Sandra has embellished her tree with a snowfall of haikus for your reading pleasure.

Wye Knot Flower Farm Holiday Tree

Wye Knot Flower Farm “Victorian Afternoon Tea for the Birds” Keeping our feathered friends warm and healthy in the long winter months.

Gallery on Gazebo Exterior with Leg Lamp in Window

Gallery Exterior with “Leg Lamp” in the window.

We are very pleased with the response to our Hall of Trees Project. Those businesses, artists and organizations who secured a spot used this opportunity to tell a story, tree by tree. The trees demonstrate purpose, passion and remembrance.  Hall of Holiday Trees has been a rewarding experience. Our sincere thanks to all who participated. 

Committee members who conceived and executed this project:

  • Arlene Johns, originator,  and Vaughn Burnheimer, designer
  • Exterior Design: Betsy Helsel, Andy Fedore Family, Vaughn and Dustin Burnheimer
  • Vintage tree toppers: Helen Golubic
  • Worker bees:  Sharyn Spinelli, Chad McLaren, Austin Hoffman, Rosemary Pawlowski

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