A Customer Discovery Survey recently polled over a thousand people to research features that attract people to a downtown area. The results indicated that galleries, boutiques, performing spaces, parks and places to sit are key to attracting people. Gallery on Gazebo took these findings very seriously. We are working hard to give Johnstown residents and visitors reasons to come downtown.

Gallery on Gazebo is for folks who may enjoy an art exhibit or a seminar. We’re a great place for friends who want to chat over a cup of tea, and we’re a great space for ladies who like to play cards. We are here for students seeking a quiet place to prepare for class, and for seniors who want to use our free wi-fi to catch up on Facebook. Really, we are here for everyone!

Johnstown is blessed with a beautiful, historic, safe and friendly downtown. We invite visitors to enjoy the many activities and amenities in and around town. Below are just a few. Click the images that interest you, give it a moment to load, and you will be linked to that attraction’s website. Explore and Enjoy!

And that’s not all … check out our Visitor and Convention Center’s website for even more to do! Click on logo below.

Greater Johnstown Convention and Visitor's Bureau