January 30, 2020
(Thursday 11 AM to 2 PM)

[Yum! ART]
at Gallery on Gazebo

Yum Art from the Boulevard Grill

YUM! The Art of Food presents three delicious specialties from The Boulevard Grill:

1. So Good Slow Roasted Chicken Platter with Potatoes & Shaved Brussels @$10, includes tax
2. Incredible Ceasar Salad  @ $3, includes tax
3. Famous Seafood Chowder @ $5/Bowl, includes tax

All served live at the Gallery during the lunch hour on Thursday, January 30. Come anytime from 11 AM to 2 PM. Dine in or take out. Makes me hungry just thinking about it! YUM!

P.S. Bringing a party of 5 or more? Please call or email ahead for a reserved table. Phone is 539-4345 or click here to reserve on our website.

Come, be a guest and tickle your taste buds at Gallery on Gazebo.  We’re hosting the most popular dishes created by the most talented chefs at the best local restaurants in town!