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The Art of Tea Shoppe features loose leaf teas from around the world. Our servers are informed and ready to create a unique tea experience for you.  The Shoppe also features a luncheon, gelato, bubble tea and seasonal favorites. Shoppe proceeds are used to defray operating expenses of the non-profit Gallery.

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Benefits of Tea:

  1.  Contains antioxidants
  2.  Keeps you hydrated
  3.  Lowers your chance of cognitive impairment
  4.  Aids digestion
  5.  Increases your metabolism
  6.  Helps fight infection
  7.  Helps lower cholesterol
  8.  Eases irritability, headaches, and nervous tension
  9.  Protects your bones
  10.  Helps keep your skin acne free

For more information on the benefits of tea check out 33 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea by Meredith Walker

Famous Tea Lovers:

  1.  C.S. Lewis
  2.  James Dean
  3.  Taylor Swift
  4.  David Beckham
  5.  Jack Nicholson
  6.  Johnny Depp
  7.  Meryl Streep
  8.  Paul McCartney
  9.  Elvis
  10.  Lady Gaga