Coming next Summer:

Bicycles at the Gallery!

Guided Bike Tours Starting Downtown
and Exploring the Arts, History and Commerce of Johnstown!

First Friday Sip & Savor Event

Bicycles are coming to Gallery on Gazebo in 2022. Current plans call for guided bike tours of varying lengths with focus on the art, architecture, history and businesses that make Johnstown so interesting and endearing to residents and visitors alike.

Tours will start and end at the Gallery in downtown Johnstown and go in different directions with stops along the way highlighting different attractions from historic Sandyvale Cemetery and Moxham’s Jim Mayer Trail to the Stone Bridge, Steelmaking & Blacksmithing in Cambria City, and the majesty and natural beauty of the Conemaugh Gap. There is much to see and enjoy in Johnstown.

A committee of experienced cyclists has begun mapping and scouting safe and viable tour routes for riders of differing abilities and interests.

Gallery on Gazebo received a Wellness Grant from Lee Initiatives to purchase high quality bicycles for the planned tours. Delivery was delayed due to the pandemic, but the bicycles will be ready for spring and summer 2022. The intent is to charge each tour rider a modest fee, with proceeds earmarked for upkeep of the bicycles and ongoing support for the Gallery.

This is an exciting project which we believe will enhance visitor’s experience of our community. We are actively seeking volunteers to help with our bike touring initiative. If you would like to volunteer with our biking committee, please get in touch by calling (814) 243-2224 or using the Contact Form on this website. THANKS!

Cambria City Bike Tour Route Draft

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